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My fag choice 2!

It's been well over a year since I choose a "fag" but if youa re a fan of Boy Culture or Noah's Arc... my fag choice is Darryl Stevens. He's slim, he is in shape and excercises, he has the most beautiful mocha skin in Hollywood right now, he has a beautiful high beam smile, and the most charming and quietly intense eyes that I have ever seen!! What a stud! He's sexy at arms length, and the guy next door. Unlike many of his gay hollywood peers, he is able to arouse both the straight and gay populace simply by being his quirky self. Those nappy curls also give him an air of sosphistication!! However, he looks great with or without them... something that he doesn't have to rely on to make him cute....

Another. If rumours are true. Raz B! He's down-to eath, he has a smooth caramel body with a great form. He has a sensitive air behind his eyes, and those fluffy full lips of his make him suitabe for any renaissance man!

If those are taken: Q Allan Brocka! i am a journalism major, and I spoke with him. he is the award winning director of Eating Out and Boy Culture starring Darryl Stevens, a close friend of his. Behind his timid and businness savvy look lies a chill and reserved young man. He is fit, and has big doe eyes that suck you in like a blackhole.

If they are all taken: Give me Ethan Gold fro "QAF", please?

If you are Gay, Straight or Bisexual... you will adore these men.
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Okay... well, can I be unfair and have both?!

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Gah. Ethan? Really? Ick.
why "ick" to Ethan?
Well... as a hardcore Brian/Justin shipper, Ethan just kinda gets on my nerves.
I'm sorry, but Justin is kind of "ick" and he's just whiny!! Now... Brian and Ethan... that would be nice. lol.
I actually have a Brian/Ethan fic in the works. Not sure how it's going to work out, but it will probably involve Justin with some form of firearm.
I hope he kills himself... Killing Ethan will be too cliche!

Something like Brian wanting violin lessons and then seducing Ethan would be awesome... Brian would be the otehr man, and Ethan would be in between relationships with Brian and Justin.

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I know right?!
Mmm Ethan Gold!

PS, mind if I add you?
No problem.