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Claim A Fag!'s Journal

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20th February 2009

omfg_yaoi_squee5:02pm: Seeing as someone already snagged Stephen Fry.......

Can I claim Eric Millegan? (Zack Addy on "Bones")

15th February 2009

relaxsama12:31pm: I claim Kitamura Yuusaku (Or whatever his name was, I forgot) from Toradora! Because... He's a fag.
Current Mood: amused

8th November 2008

whatever_freak6:16pm: I'd like to claim Nick Snider (male model).


12th October 2008


Does the strikethrough'd LJ user mean the name's up for grabs??
In that case, I am so claiming Randy Harrison.

9th February 2008

vnmpire10:58pm: claiming anika. (and jodie?)
Anika Moa, lesbian New Zealand singer/songwriter, please.

Also, no one has Jodie Foster yet?? Can I put in a claim for her too? (I have the requisite additional link on my userinfo :D)

17th January 2008

srmoca8:07am: Claiming

I would like to claim B.D Wong and since I put a link in my journal I would also like to claim God-Des thanks so much!
Current Mood: cold

1st January 2008

idzuzmlbeo1:22pm: Hi there!
I would like to claim Lizzy the Lezzy! If you have not heard of her, you can go here: www.lizzythelezzy.com. Thank you in advance!

5th December 2007

dayzeeedogg2:24pm: I'm leaving this community and LJ for the most part. So my peeps will be up for grabs. I have Leonardo Di Vinci and Eleanor Roosevelt.

16th September 2007

fadingnebulous3:15am: My fag choice 2!
It's been well over a year since I choose a "fag" but if youa re a fan of Boy Culture or Noah's Arc... my fag choice is Darryl Stevens. He's slim, he is in shape and excercises, he has the most beautiful mocha skin in Hollywood right now, he has a beautiful high beam smile, and the most charming and quietly intense eyes that I have ever seen!! What a stud! He's sexy at arms length, and the guy next door. Unlike many of his gay hollywood peers, he is able to arouse both the straight and gay populace simply by being his quirky self. Those nappy curls also give him an air of sosphistication!! However, he looks great with or without them... something that he doesn't have to rely on to make him cute....

Another. If rumours are true. Raz B! He's down-to eath, he has a smooth caramel body with a great form. He has a sensitive air behind his eyes, and those fluffy full lips of his make him suitabe for any renaissance man!

If those are taken: Q Allan Brocka! i am a journalism major, and I spoke with him. he is the award winning director of Eating Out and Boy Culture starring Darryl Stevens, a close friend of his. Behind his timid and businness savvy look lies a chill and reserved young man. He is fit, and has big doe eyes that suck you in like a blackhole.

If they are all taken: Give me Ethan Gold fro "QAF", please?

If you are Gay, Straight or Bisexual... you will adore these men.

25th August 2007


I claim Queer as Folk's Emmett Honeycutt.

21st June 2007

nervous_girl11:09pm: Unclaiming Captain Jack Harkness and Luke Snyder.

6th April 2007

thatjamiegirl12:55pm: Seeing as John Waters is free again, may I claim him, please? ;)
Current Mood: cold

10th March 2007

nuriko_sakuma7:18pm: May I claim Andrew Van De Kamp from Desperate Housewives?? 8D


I just put the link on my journal profile XD I would also like Luce from Imagine me and you~♥
Current Mood: cheerful
yami_kishu6:46pm: Hello, could I claim Ville Valo from HIM, please? :D

Current Mood: tired

9th March 2007

sallysweet9:48pm: New here
Hello, I just joined and I love this already. Anyway...

I would like to claim Tim Gunn. And since I put a link to this community on my profile can I please claim Jonathan Adler too? Pleeeease? I'm a bit obsessed with bad reality Bravo t.v. shows. I would claim Jackie from Work Out too but I'm only allowed 1... hopefully 2?
Current Mood: amused

7th March 2007

maraisms10:32am: Can I claim Marc St. James from Ugly Betty?


14th February 2007

sundaysalvation11:45pm: First off; I'm new to all this so just a question: is this literally just a claim?
I know that seems so dense but I'm confused!

Second: Happy Valentine's Day eveyone!

Third: Could I claim Quinn Allman from The Used?

Current Mood: content

13th January 2007

rock_art11:30am: Doctor, doctor, give me the news I've got a bad case of loving you...
Please I would love to claim Doctor David Cameron from "Queer as folk" Season 1. Thx!
Current Mood: anxious

1st January 2007


Hey..I was wondering could I claim Kim Daniels From Sugar Rush GREATEST SHOW EVER!!!

30th November 2006

livinginexhile11:32am: hi. i'm laura. i'm new. i want to claim kathleen hanna of le tigre, bikini kill. she's the one in my icon. i read the claim list.

7th November 2006

radiogaga34:19pm: I was wondering if I could have Jai Rodriguez because jaded-failure, who currently ownes him, had deleated their account.

1st November 2006

aceles1:33am: I'd like to claim the glorious blue radioactive martian fag Fausto Fernos of the Feast of Fools podcast, please?

30th September 2006

serpentevenstar11:37pm: Give one/take one
I'd like to give up Emmett from "Queer as Folk" in order to claim Megan Morris from "America's Next Top Model".

Proof that she's a lesbian

21st September 2006

holy_pancake7:44pm: Hi
Erm, may I have Lance Bass, member of the coolest boy band in the world 'Nsync? Thanks.
Current Mood: hopeful
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