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claim_a_fag's Journal

Claim A Fag!
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Welcome to claim_a_fag. This is just another one of those claiming communities, where you pick something & claim it as your own. This one deals with fags -- which, in the context of this community, refers to any non-heterosexual. So if you have a favourite fag, here is the place where you can announce to the whole LiveJournal world that they are yours & you're not giving them back.

Created & designed by psychobiddy.

Maintained by cryptohomorockr

Like many words, there is a time & a place to use the word "fag". Sometimes it is meant as an insult, & sometimes it is meant as a compliment. As used in this community, it is not meant to be offensive or hurtful in any way, shape, or form.

1. Read the rules.
2. Read the claims list before you even try & claim anybody.
3. You may claim any non-heterosexual -- homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, whatever. Transvestites don't count, not because I don't like them or anything but because I have to draw the line somewhere, you know?
4. You are initially allowed one claim. Put a link to the community in your userinfo (besides the one that LJ automatically puts in the Member Of section, obviously) & you get two claims. The moderator & friends of the moderator get unlimited claims, because we're cheeky bastards.
5. The person you are claiming must actually be queer -- not rumoured to be queer, not presumed to be queer, not queer in some fanfic you read/wrote... actually, openly, admittedly queer. Naturally, then, you may not claim celebrities who are not out. I don't care how gay they "act" or who they've been seen with; we have to respect people's privacy. I know this seems a bit ridiculous for just a silly little LJ claims community, but outing & "assuming" people are gay based on stereotypical things is a pet peeve of mine. The only case in which I will accept rumours as evidence is if the person you are claiming is deceased, on the grounds that they may have come out in their lifetime had their society permitted them to do so.
6. You may claim real people along with characters from books, movies, TV shows, anime, etc. This does not include people/characters as they are used in fanfic -- as in, if you write slash about an actor you can't claim the "slash version" of that actor. If it's a character, please remember to tell me what book/movie/show/whatever they're from. Also, if you claim a character, someone else may claim the person who portrays that character if they are queer in real life, & vice versa (ex. someone can claim Emmett Honeycutt from "Queer As Folk" & someone else can claim Peter Paige).
7. You may only claim non-celebrities if the person you are claiming is another LJ user. Otherwise it'd just be kinda weird.
8. If you fail to read the claims list & go & try to claim someone who's already on there, your post will immediately be deleted. Also, if you try to claim someone who I've heard of & didn't know was queer, depending on my mood I may ask you for proof. If you can't find any then you don't get that claim. If I just delete your post without asking for proof, you can always e-mail me if you really want to fight for it.
9. Once you leave the community, you lose your claim. So don't just join & then leave. If you're worried that all the claims will clutter up your Friends page, just don't add the community to your Friends list.
10. You are allowed to change your claim. Just post telling me who your old claim was, & who'd you like to change it to.
11. If you change your username & want your old claim to now be attached to your new name, please remember to tell me what your old username was.
12. The moderator must update the claims list on a regular basis! That's just a rule for me. But I'm putting it here so that you know I'll follow it.
13. Be good. No fighting. Or else I'll kick you out.
14. The moderator reserves the right to refuse claimage to anyone.
15. Have fun 'n' stuff.

To make a claim, first check the claims list & make sure the fag you want isn't already taken. If they aren't, or you can think of another fag you want instead, join the community & post your claim. It doesn't have to be more than "I claim __________!" or whatever. Put it in your userinfo if you want. Then check the claims list again in a few days to see if you've been added. Simple.